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Rug Rats Rugby

Rugrats Rugby is a non-contact rugby specific play programme that helps develop your child's physical, psychological and social attributes. A strong emphasis is placed on creating a fun, energetic and safe environment that will allow your child to experience rugby skills such as running with a ball, finding space, catching, kicking, scoring a try as well as working in a team and taking turns.


Classes are at Willow Road Hall Darlington on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have two age group categories Kick Start for 2-4 year olds and Try Time for 4-6 year olds.


Saturday morning classes 

8.50 Kick Start  

9.25 Kick Start

10.00 Try Time 

10.50 Try Time 


Sunday morning classes 

9.15 Kick Start

10.00 Try Time 




Title: Rug Rats Rugby

Group/Organisation: Rug Rats Rugby


Contact Name: Andrew Dryden

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Telephone Number:

Price Per Session: £24.99 for membership, then £5.25 per session

Takes Place on: Please see above table for classes

Testimonials from customers: “Willow Road Community Centre provides fantastic facilities that are a benefit to the whole area"